Other Program Airings Guide

  1. Double press the “INFO” button on your cable TV remote.
  2. Key over and press “OK/SEL” on the tab with a clock 🕗 icon.
  3. This will show the time and channel all other airings of the specific program you are watching.

Program Search Tutorial

  1. Select the “MENU” button on your remote.
  2. Key to the tab with a magnifying glass 🔍 icon and press “OK/SEL”
  3. You then can elect to search by title, actor/director, keywoard, or by general categories (e.g. Movies, Sports, Kids).

DVR Explained

  1. To record a program, first locate the content and then select the “MENU” button on your remote. Then navigate to the label with the red button 🔴 icon. Press “OK/SEL” and select “Record this program.”
  2. To access/view your recordings, press the “MENU” button again and select the tab labeled DVR. Then select My Recordings.

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