GEPB Alerts

gepb alerts program

Stay informed about emergencies and other important events regarding your Glasgow EPB services by signing up for GEPB Alerts!

The GEPB Alerts system enables the Glasgow EPB to provide customers with critical information quickly through multiple communication channels for a variety of situations. Some instances would include outages affecting any Glasgow EPB services or planned repair work in a specific location. 

How does it work?

When you sign up for GEPB Alerts, you will provide a street address. This allows for location specific alerts (i.e. outages only affecting a certain region of our service area).*

When the Glasgow EPB service team issues a notification about a possible safety hazard or other concern, you will receive a message through the communication methods chosen when signing up (e-mail, call, and/or text). You can then confirm that you have received the message and won’t receive any subsequent methods regarding that particular notification. If you do not confirm, the GEPB Alerts system will continue to contact your other registered communication methods.


*The location information you provide is protected and will not be used for any other purpose. 

how do i sign up?

Simply create an account! When you click the button below, you will be directed to the GEPB Alerts system sign-up page where you will provide account, contact, and location information to be properly notified about your Glasgow EPB services. 

recently moved?

If you have changed locations or moved out of the Glasgow EPB service area entirely, you may update that information on your GEPB Alerts profile at any time. Simply sign-in here and change your address information so that you will receive accurate alerts based on your location or remove your profile entirely to stop receiving GEPB Alerts. If you have any issues updating your GEPB Alerts profile information, please call (270) 651-8341 for assistance.