Business/Commercial Broadband

Broadband services have been a staple of the Glasgow EPB’s expanded service efforts for over 30 years. This dedication is not only in service to our residential customer. Our services in the broadband field for businesses and commercial industry include the same great cable TV and high-speed internet capabilities as every other Glasgow EPB customer, but with the expanded efforts of commercial fiber circuits and colocation technological equipment storage in the Jama M. Young Technology Center.

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Service Protection Plan

The Glasgow EPB Broadband Services Protection Plan is peace of mind for only a few dollars a month. Customers who utilize the service protection plan enjoy worry-free maintenance of the inside wiring for your cable TV and high-speed internet services. In addition, customers enjoy knowing they are covered for service calls related to customer-owned equipment connected to GEPB broadband services and on-site education about those projects. Learn more about the service protection plan here