Glasgow EPB Brand Guide

The Glasgow EPB has a simple yet unique brand as the organization itself serves a simple but unique purpose. In the early 1960s, a group of determined citizens sought out the option of community for their most depended upon utility service. Instead of relying on a corporation or cooperative that may not be centrally operated in Glasgow, they chose to start a municipal utility that had one focus: their hometown. In the 60 years since this organization was formed, this utility has evolved to offer two more of the most depended upon utility services offered, cable television and broadband services. While the services offered changed and the facilities and staff expanded, the focus of the Glasgow EPB never strayed away from our neighbors who we call our customers.


To represent our purpose, the Glasgow EPB has a culture of serving our community honestly and to the best of our abilities. Our brand, simply showcases that culture. With a recognition of our “stripes” which have been on our shirts and trucks since the late 1980s, a clean and professional typeface, and an honest emblem that represents the town we serve and call home.

Glasgow EPB Official branding

Glasgow EPB Official logos

Glasgow EPB brand guidelines

  • Acceptable references to the Electric Plant Board for Glasgow, Kentucky: Glasgow Electric Plant Board, Glasgow EPB, and GEPB. 
    • Not Accepted: EPB, Plant Board, GPB, Glasgow Power
  • The singular online face for the Glasgow EPB is
  • The Glasgow EPB no longer utilizes the taglines “Bringing the Glasgow the Future, Faster” or “Connecting Glasgow to the Future” in any marketing materials. Refrain from usage of these taglines in any form or coverage of the Glasgow EPB.