What is I-pay?

The Glasgow EPB i-Pay program is a pre-paid electric service option that helps customers avoid security deposits, credit checks, and late fees. Once enrolled on the i-Pay billing structure, your home’s energy usage is calculated and charged daily to your account. Meaning that your account balance is reduced by the daily usage amount charged until that balance is exhausted or additional payment is made on the account. 

how much does i-pay cost?

Glasgow EPB i-Pay electric users pay the same utility service rate as all other residential customers. A monthly fee of $5 is also charged for service provision.

How do i sign up? How Do I view my account?

i-Pay customers will enroll in this billing structure when setting electric service. Once enrolled to i-Pay, the customer will no longer receive a monthly billing statement. However, 24/7 account information access is available by going to www.myusage.com or by downloading the MyUsage app. You may also click the GEPB i-Pay logo above to access MyUsage. If you do not have internet access, call 1-855-274-1338 or text BAL to 77407 on your cell phone (Note: based on your cellular plan, messaging and data rates may apply. SMS Terms and Conditions).

Will i receive any type of alert when my account balance is low?

The i-Pay program is a self-managed program which gives the customer the responsibility of keeping up with the account balance. As a courtesy, the Glasgow EPB will send a notification by phone, e-mail, or text when the low balance threshold is met. The customer is responsible for keeping a positive balance (whether or not the notification is received).

If the account reaches a $0 balance, it will be subject to disconnection including weekends, holidays or during severe weather conditions. If disconnected, the customer is required to pay the following to have electric service restored:

  • Any negative balance
  • A $25 Reconnect Fee
  • $50 of pre-paid service (account balance of $50)

Important: In the event of reconnection being requested after normal business hours, call (270) 651-8341.

How do i make an i-pay account payment?

The i-Pay billing option allows customer to make minimum $50 payments on your account when it is most convenient. Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card at the Glasgow EPB office, by phone 24/7 using the Glasgow EPB Pay-By-Phone service at 844-400-0877 or by pressing Option 9 when calling (270) 651-8341, mailed to PO Box 1809, Glasgow, KY 42142, or online using GEPB e-billing. You may also make payments anytime at the 24/7 GEPB payment kiosk located next to the drive-thru window at the Glasgow EPB office. The 24/7 payment kiosk accepts cash, checks and credit/debit cards. The best part? Payments post almost immediately. Note that payments to your account may not be reflected for up to 24 hours when made online using e-billing.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to those Low Balance Alerts!

The Glasgow EPB i-Pay system is a great billing option for residential electric customers. However, the customer has to pay close attention to their account.

If your account balance goes below zero, you willl be notified via a “low balance alert.”

Save yourself those extra fees and the bother of being without power. When payments are made at the Glasgow EPB Office (Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM), payments show up on the i-Pay account within a few minutes. Payments made at the kiosk give you a receipt and will post to your account almost immediately. If you pay online, payments may not show up for 24-48 hours.

If a payment is not made, your electricity will be subject to disconnection.