Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I get Glasgow EPB internet?

If you are not already a Glasgow EPB customer, you will need to set up an account. You can begin that process online or by visiting our office at 100 Mallory Drive in Glasgow, KY. For account registration, you will need both a driver’s license and social security number.

If you already have a Glasgow EPB account, please call our office at (270) 651-8341 to schedule an installation appointment for your internet cable modem. 

Which internet package do I need?

The internet speed a customer needs varies greatly on the amount and type of online activity the customer uses their service for.

If you only need the internet for checking e-mails or light web browsing, the Essential (25mbps) internet package would work easily for you.

It is recommended that customers who are using their internet connection for streaming online content (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+) get the Classic (50mbps) package at minimum.

Internet customers who plan on uploading (sharing or livestreaming original content to the internet via sites like Google Drive, YouTube, Twitch, etc.) are highly recommended to subscribe to the Premium (100mbps) package.

What is needed for a wireless internet connection (Wifi)?

Two devices are what makes wireless internet connection work. A cable modem and a wireless router.

With Glasgow EPB internet, the cable modem is always provided. You may provide your own wireless router, which can be purchased at any major electronics retailer or on numerous online retail sites. Glasgow EPB internet customers also have the option of renting a cable modem/wireless router combo device for only $5/month

What will happen during my service installation?

When our service technicians arrive at your house, they are going to look for an open coaxial cable outlet to install your internet modem with. Coaxial cable is the coated copper wire that is also used for hooking up cable television equipment. Both Glasgow EPB internet and cable TV work via coaxial cable. To make things as quick and easy as possible on the day of the service installation, have a designated open coaxial cable outlet that you want to use for the internet cable modem to be installed to. 


What if I don’t have any available coaxial cable outlets?

There are two main options in the event of a location having no open cable outlets. Option 1. If our technicians determine that the signal level at the current occupied outlet is strong enough, they may utilize what is known as a splitter to create two cable outlets out of one. This may not be the recommended option as signal levels may be too low or may be prone to interference or signal loss during seasonal changes which would cause unreliable internet service. That would bring us to our next option. Option 2. Adding a separate, dedicated cable outlet at the location. We with the Glasgow EPB offer running additional outlets for our customers for $50/outlet. Keep in mind however that circumstances vary from location to location and Glasgow EPB service technicians will ultimately suggest what is best for the customer.

GEPB Cable tv service faqs

Why does my tv screen say “No Signal”?

Know your TV’s signal inputs! Almost every TV today comes with multiple “inputs” where you are able to connect multiple devices such as a GEPB HD/Digital set-top box, Video Streaming Devices (Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV), Gaming Consoles, DVD Players, etc. In order to verify your cable service is properly working, you will first need to verify you are on the correct input. 


To do this, you will first need to determine if you have a GEPB HD/Digital Cable Box or DTA Alternative Tuner Box. If so, you will need to verify that the box is turned on (blue ring around power button for HD/Digital boxes and green power indicator on DTA). Then you will need to check on the side or back of your television to see what input your cable box is connected to. In most cases, GEPB service technicians will connect the cable box to your TV via the first available HDMI input, if the TV has that input. This will likely be labeled HDMI1 in your TV’s input list. However, if another device is already connected to the first HDMI port, then the next open port will be used. If the TV has multiple HDMI ports, then the box is likely connected to the port labeled HDMI2. If there are no open ports or no HDMI ports at all on the television set, the cable box will then be connected either by component (5 plugs on each end, Red, Green, Blue and Red, White/Black labeled audio) or composite (traditional RCA Red/White/Yellow plugs on each end) cables. This input can be labeled a variety of names on your TV, including but not limited to: Video 1, Comp 1, A/V 1, etc.


The best way to figure out which input is being utilized by your cable box is to scan through each input after verifying your cable box is properly connected and turned on. You will either use the “source” or “input” button on the remote that came with your TV or you may use your GEPB cable remote by pressing the “TV” button on the input button row close to the top and then selecting the “Video Source” button on the bottom left of the remote. Both of these ways will allow you to toggle onto each input one at a time until you find the cable box input. 


If you have the alternative tuner box (DTA) or a digital box but not an HD TV, your box is connected via the RF connector on your TV and you will need to verify that your TV is on Channel 3. 


If you only have the economy or essential GEPB cable subscription, you do not have a cable box. This means your cable service is directly connected to the RF connector on your TV, and will need to toggle to the input labeled “RF” or “Cable”.

Why Won't My brand new TV pick up any cable channels?

GEPB cable customers with the Economy or Essential cable subscription don’t have a cable box. Instead, cable service is directly connected to the RF cable connector on the TV.


If you have bought a new TV, you will need to connect the cable coming from the wall to that RF input on the new TV. You will then need to power on the new TV and begin the setup process. Most new TVs will allow you to select where you will be receiving channels from, with options likely labeled “Cable” or “Antenna” or even “CATV” and “Air” being possible labels for the choices. You will need to select the Cable/CATV option and then continue on to for a channel scan. If not prompted to do a channel scan, you will need to access the cable channel settings from your TV’s menu and complete a scan that way. The scan can take as long as 30 minutes depending on the TV. One finished, all cable signals that come with your appropriate GEPB Cable subscription will be available. 

Why Does My GEPB Cable Box Remote Not Work with My New TV?

This issue is result of your current GEPB Cable Box remote only being programmed to your old TV. If you purchase a new TV the remote will need to be reprogrammed. Sometimes, even if you purchase the same brand TV, it will require a different code and need to be reprogrammed. You can call the GEPB Cable Support Dept. at (270) 651-8341 (Option 3) and we can walk you through the steps in a matter of minutes or you can view a guide here.

Why are my HD/Digital channels “tiling” or going completely black?

If you are viewing a channel or has several channels that the picture is breaking up and the audio dropping in and out or you have a black screen that says “One Moment Please” it could be a problem with the cable signal whether it be inside the house or outside. Please contact (270) 651-8341 (Option 3) or submit an online trouble ticket so that our Cable Support team can troubleshoot this issue further with you.

What is the I-Guide and how do I use it?

The I-Guide is offered with our DTA Alternative Tuner Boxes, Premier or Premier HD packages. It is an interactive listings of the programming content of your cable. You can search for programming either alphabetically or by category. You can view the scheduled content on every cable channel for two whole weeks ahead of the current date. With our HD-DVR box you can set programs to record for later viewing. You may also add parental locks to certain channels and/or content. The i-Guide is also customizable with different color schemes and screen positions available. 

How do I use the DVR with the GEPB Premier HD package?

The DVR is a digital video recorder that allows you to record programming to the hard drive and then watch it whenever you want. You can set a recording from the I-Guide simply by going to the guide, find the program you want on the channel and at the time it is on and press the red “REC” button on your remote. It will place a red dot beside the programming and record it once it airs. You can also set up weekly, daily, Mon-Fri recordings of your most watched programming. You can access what is recorded on your DVR by pressing green “LIST” button at any time. Once you’re finished watching a recording you can delete it or keep it to watch again later.