The connection point of coaxial (coax) cable can be tricky, having a threaded connector that screws onto the cable port. The reason for this type of connector is to prevent interference from being introduced that can cause signal loss and result in issues with cable or internet service. That makes it crucial for a tightly screwed connection on both ends of your coax cable, one end feeding likely from a cable outlet to a specific device like your television, cable box, or internet cable modem on the other end.

Connecting Coax Cable

When connecting coax cable to both the connection source (outlet) and cable-related device, you will need to line up both connection points and screw clockwise until you have a tight connection and cannot turn the cable head any further by hand.

Tightening Coax Ends Regularly

When tightening coax cable connectors, always verify that both threaded ends are lined up and tighten by screwing clockwise, again unl you cannot screw in the cable any further by hand. This simple process can help save you time, headache, and a service issue call by first checking that your cable connectors are tight.*

*If you have verified all coaxial cable connections are correctly connected and are still having issues with your cable or internet service, please call our offices at (270) 651-8341 or submit an online “trouble ticket” here.

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