Guide to programming your Glasgow EPB digital cable remote (PHAZR-5 model documentation/manual):

  1. Determine what input you will program your remote to (Auxillary Device, DVD Player, Audio Surround system, or Television set).
  2. Turn said device on.
  3. Press and hold device key on top row of buttons on remote for 5 Seconds (e.g. hold the TV key for 5 seconds when programming a TV).
  4. After 5 seconds, the LED backlight of the key will flash once and then will stay lit.
  5. Look for the number needed to program your device in section 5, subsection of the PHAZR-5 model documentation/manual
  6. Press the number for your device followed by the device key (e.g. press 2 for a Samsung TV, followed by another press of the “TV” key on the top row of buttons).
  7. After pressing the device key, the backlight for the key should flash twice, storing the code for the device.
  8. Then remember to turn on and off your device, you will need to press the device key THEN the power button on the remote e.g. press the “TV” key then the “Power” button to turn on a programmed TV).

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