On July 26, 2022, board members of the Glasgow Electric Plant Board voted to approve a rate change effective October 1st, 2022 for both GEPB cable TV-only subscribers and those who subscribe to the Cable + Internet bundle service. This change was made with the future sustainability of the GEPB cable system in mind, as programming costs have continued to rise exponentially since the Glasgow Electric Plant Board last voted to raise cable TV subscription rates. A full breakdown of the rate change can be found below:

Cable TV Only Subscribers:

PackageCurrent Monthly RateMonthly Rate Effective Oct. 1, 2022
Premier HD$104.50$110

Cable TV + Internet Bundle Subscribers:

Package/Internet SpeedCurrent Monthly RateMonthly Rate Effective Oct. 1, 2022
Essential + 25 MB Internet$104.50$110
Essential + 50 MB Internet$114.50$120
Essential + 100 MB Internet$124.50$130
Premier + 25 MB Internet$123.75$130
Premier + 50 MB Internet$133.75$140
Premier + 100 MB Internet$143.75$150
Premier HD + 25 MB Internet$138.75$140
Premier HD + 50 MB Internet$148.75$150
Premier HD + 100 MB Internet$158.75$160